We are Music Lovers

Music Lovers is renowned for delivering a high-end audio shopping experience with the most prestigious brands in the world. Since 1989, our California showrooms constantly push the limits of music reproduction. From entry level to reference sound systems, let our experts guide your search for listening perfection.

Our Brands

  • ourhistory

    For nearly 30 years founders Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain have matched music listeners with their dream sound systems. Their commitment to service and pairing the absolute right devices has made creating superb music an enjoyable experience for many customers who return from our earliest days.

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    Designing true audiophile sounds system demands an uncompromising pursuit of truth and a willingness to turn away good (but not great!) products. Our customers trust our commitment to highest possible standard- and visiting us means learning why one product performs better than another.

Our Store

Come listen to the best and latest audiophile setups! Serving the San Francisco and
Berkeley music communities since 1989.