Peachtree Audio deepblue SKY

Legendary deepblue sound NOW with WiFi. Stream your favorites. Room to room streaming with multiple deepblueSKY’s or other Peachtree SKY products.



Legendary deepblue sound – now with WiFi streaming!

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3-WAY SPEAKER SYSTEM – A massive, long-excursion 6.5″ woofer creates deep, impactful bass. You not only hear the bass, you feel it. Two 3″ midrange drivers and two 1″ tweeters flank the woofer to create a wide, natural sound that fills an entire room with ease.

440 WATTS OF POWER – Custom-developed 440-watt amplifier delivers everything from the delicacy of a violin solo to the pulsing bass line of powerhouse rock.

BUILT-IN WiFi plus DIGITAL AND ANALOG INPUTS – Stream Spotify, TIDAL and other favorites at highest quality. Play 24-bit/96kHz high resolution audio via Toslink optical digital input. Connect an analog source to the line-level input.

FULL, CLEAR SOUND IN ANY ROOM – Bass and treble controls plus Smart Volume for optimal performance at low or high volume. Set up presets on the remote control for one-button access to artists, stations and playlists.

MULTI-ROOM STREAMING – Network multiple deepblueSKY’s to stream music throughout your home or office. User-friendly app makes it easy to hear the music you want . . . WHEREVER you choose!

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The massive woofer that sets deepblueSKY apart from the competition. It moves a serious amount of air and creates deep impactful bass. You not only hear full bass . . . you FEEL it.

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deepblueSKY’s five speakers in a three-way configuration create a powerful balanced sound so every instrument and voice can be easily heard. Two 3″ mid-range drivers and two 1″ soft-dome tweeters flank deepblueSKY’s woofer to create a wide natural sound that fills an entire room.

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“SKY” – Peachtree’s wireless ecosystem – is built in to deepblueSKY, allowing direct streaming from TIDAL, Spotify and your other favorite streaming services.

Download the proven user-friendly Muzo app. Effortlessly control multiple deepblueSKY’s throughout your home or office at the touch of a button – or team up deepblueSKY with Peachtree’s decco125 SKY integrated amplifier for a flexible, high performance multi-room audio system.

The videos below refer to our decco125 SKY but the steps are the same for connecting deepblueSKY to WiFi:

Separate bass and treble buttons on the remote control let you adjust the sound of your deepblueSKY to your preference. Our proprietary bass control plus a new “shelving” treble control allow fine adjustment for a wide variety of recordings. Push “flat” to instantly compare before-and-after. Six presets on the deepblueSKY remote let you set up easy one-button access to your favorite artists, stations or playlists.

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QUESTION: What are the differences, other than WiFi, between deepblueSKY and deepblue3? Does deepblueSKY have Bluetooth in addition to WiFi?

deepblueSKY has:

Improved amplifiers. Same power – better sound.

Upgraded DAC for high-resolution streaming.

Upgraded DSP for better equalization and configuration of the electronic crossover.

The new remote control provides easy one-button-access to favorite artists, stations and playlists. It features, in addition to our proprietary bass control, a new shelving treble control ideal for lower-resolution MP3’s and substandard recordings.

deepblueSKY does NOT have Bluetooth. If you wish to stream via Bluetooth rather than WiFi, choose deepblue3!