Totem Acoustic Storm Sub

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The Totem Storm Sub is one of the most flexible high-performance subwoofers available. The Storm Sub shares external cone topography and material with the two flanking passive units, resulting in a more informative and less compressed energy flow. Designed mostly for cinema/surround applications, the Storm Sub is very comfortable in a stereo or multi-channel audio environment.

The Storm Sub offers automatic power-down, its amplifier going into standby when signal is absent and reactivating automatically on signal reception. Other features include volume adjustment, variable phase dial, a pair of low-level RCA inputs and a crossover enabling/disabling switch to use low frequency management and control from processor.

Design features
8” active diver / (2) 8” passive radiators for precise articulation and bass extension
Internal crossover offers a seamless blend to our loudspeakers
Detachable power cord and isolation feet included
Designed for A/V stereo applications
Slow burn fuse protection
Available in exotic veneer or Design multicoated polyester finishes

Technical features
Full mono-shell hand-assembled chassis
Lock mitered cabinet joints
Exclusive, 300 watts integrated amplifier
High/low pass audio connections for extreme flexibility
Variable gain / phase / frequency adjustments for pinpoint accuracy
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