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Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2

When it came to designing the Series 2, every angle and curve was scrutinized, every structural element was considered, each of the metal components, large and small, were carefully examined for possible improvements. Nearly everything in the Alexia has been reworked for the Series 2 with an eye toward more elegantly following the underlying technological function responsible for the Alexia’s intrinsic musical rightness.


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The Alexia Series 2 has the state of the-art proprietary time alignment and sonic presence of it’s much larger siblings, while having a footprint more comparable with it’s smaller siblings. The loudspeaker was designed primarily by Wilson Audio President & CEO Daryl Wilson who stated his sonic goal for the Series 2 as having a tighter, deeper bass, a more open midrange, and a more detailed and expressive high-frequency. Through an improved design process the Series 2 is able to achieve these sonic goals while also being presented in a more refined and beautiful aesthetic than its predecessor.

“You have to have a vision of what it is you want, one advantage of having many years of experience in a field, it allows you look at what has been successful, ask yourself better questions, demand more of yourself, because your the only one who’s responsible for it, you can have great abundance of skills but if you lack inspiration your never going to create greatness.”
-Daryl Wilson
CEO, Wilson Audio


Starting with the bass the Alexia Series 2 has made noticeable improvements. The bass port is now centered instead of being offset and the front of the woofer cabinet baffle is also tilted back 3 degrees. The internal bracing of the low-frequency enclosure has been improved and the bass port now has an increased radius and has been softened. The Series 2 woofer cabinet rests on larger and more efficient metal discs that connect the spikes to the cabinet. The result of these changes is a bass enclosure that is only about 1” different from the Series 1 but has an increased internal volume of around 11%.

The Series-2 mid range benefits from having a 26% larger internal volume, thanks to a reworking of the venting system. The midrange also has new edges that are cut into the side of the panels which serve to break up the back-wave further. Thanks to developments learned from the WAMM the cabling inside the midrange module has been reworked, giving the enclosure better backwave control, more space and better airflow from venting.

The Convergent Synergy Tweeter version Mark V is used in the Alexia Series 2. Wilson Audio states this is the most musically authentic and intrinsically satisfying tweeter they have ever tested. The tweeter module adjustment is more refined than that featured in the Series 1, allowing changes in 6 inch increments.

The midrange driver also features its own adjustable module. This improvement in adjustability combined with the new 3 degree tilt of the woofer enclosure, which improves bass time alignment, makes the Alexia Series 2 far more time correct. The impact of this time alignment is felt by the listener as correct time-alignment leads to music that is closer to reality.

Materials & Construction

Utilizing lessons learned in producing the Alexx, the Alexia Series 2 uses a 6-sided enclosure held together entirely by glue with a cut-out on the bottom for the proprietary crossover assembly. The entire Series 2 enclosure is made from X-Material, except for the midrange baffle which is made from S-Material. Within the cabinet’s panels Wilson Audio has milled optimized geometric patterns that diffuse the soundwave while also helping to disperse panel resonances.

The outside of the enclosure is finished with a master level automotive grade paint that comes in a multitude of finish colors. All Wilson speakers are built in Provo, Utah by experienced craftsmen, many of whom have been with the company for decades. The culmination of this effort is a speaker pair that is both functionally and visually a work of modern art, optimized for your home.