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The new Yvette draws from a rich tradition. It derives its core technology directly from Wilson’s Sasha Series 2, the Alexia, and the leading-edge Alexx. And like the Alexx, the Yvette was developed alongside Dave Wilson’s new WAMM project. Yvette is the most advanced and musically refined single-enclosure loudspeaker in Wilson’s history.


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Daryl Wilson inherited the task of filling his father’s historic, legacy-forming shoes, and he delivered. The Yvette, Daryl Wilson’s first project on his own, is uncompromised performance and the most advanced and musically refined single-enclosure loudspeaker in Wilson history. The Wilson-owning experience is about bringing home the sensation of a live concert, and the Yvette does this in a way that seduces the listener into extended listening sessions. When the music in your home sounds this lifelike, every moment is a special event.


From the beginning Wilson Audio has focused on accuracy in the time-domain and extremely low enclosure resonance. The enclosure for the Yvette is made almost entirely of military grade X-material, with only the mid-range being made of S-Material. Wilson explains they chose the S-Material because it allowed the midrange to “sound better, sweeter and have an exquisite performance.” The Yvette integrates its separate drivers by utilizing a slightly angled-back woofer section for greater accuracy in its interaction with the midrange and tweeter.

The tweeter enclosure is completely sealed within its own baffle, allowing for greater clarity. The tweeter in the Yvette is a Wilson favorite, the Convergent Synergy Tweeter which specializes in time-domain performance and dispersion. The Yvette also features a 7” midrange driver which is a slightly modified version of the ground-breaking Alexandria XLF’s midrange driver.

Materials & Construction:

The gently folded forward upper portion of the Yvette creates a third plane. This shaping inherently helps the Yvette achieve greater time-domain accuracy, which serves to create better resolution, musical energy and pace. To best maximize the impact of the Yvette’s intuitive shaping, the speakers need to be positioned properly. Our staff at Music Lovers excels at positioning Wilson speakers, a talent we have perfected as the number 1 Wilson dealer in America.

The Yvette also features a rear-venting system that benefits from the improved cabinet, adding a heightened sensation of bass articulation and extension. This adds detail and precision to the powerful and authoritative presence of its 10” woofer, a modified version of the woofer found in Dave Wilson’s Magnum Opus the WAMM MC.

Daryl Wilson, the lead designer of the Yvette, summarizes his team’s effort stating: “the sum total of all those improvements adds to the emotional experience of listening to music, and to be in that concert hall or to have that musician right in your living room when you close your eyes.“

The Yvette is both accurate enough to qualify as a machine of reference and pleasing enough to qualify as a luxurious commodity of leisure.